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Deylosse Capo-Chichi, PhD

General Information

Deylosse  Capo-Chichi, PhD


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Research Interests

GATA transcription factors are involved in cell differentiation and development. The GATA transcription factors are indispensable to maintain the differentiated state of epithelial cells in adult tissues. We discovered that GATA transcription factors are aberrantly expressed in cancers and suppression of GATA6 in ovarian epithelial cells leads to abnormal nuclear morphology, polyploidy and aneuploidy all of which are hallmarks of cancers.

My research interests are:

Determine the consequences of the loss of GATA factors in epithelial cells and their roles in tumorigenesis.

Study the roles of GATA transcription factors in embryonic stem cell differentiation and early embryogenesis.

Develop diagnostic and therapeutic approaches from basic research to apply in translational research targeting breast and ovarian cancers.