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Abigail S. Hackam, Ph.D.

General Information

Abigail S. Hackam, Ph.D.


  • Office: 305-547-3688
  • Fax: 305-547-3658
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  • English


  • Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
  • Graduate faculty in Neuroscience, Human Genetics and Genomics, and Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Research Interests

The research in Dr. Hackam’s laboratory encompasses the fields of genetics, inflammation and ophthalmology. Our focus is on understanding signaling mechanisms that contribute to retinal degeneration and tumorigenesis, through the use of cellular, molecular and bioinformatics analyses.

Specific projects:

1. Identification of photoreceptor protection proteins: The role of Wnt signaling pathway in retinal degeneration.

2. Investigating the role of toll-like receptors in retinal degeneration.

3. Identification of signaling pathways that regulate optic nerve regeneration.

4. Mechanisms of tumorigenesis and cancer stem cell proliferation in ocular cancer.

5. Drug discovery for vision diseases.

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B.Sc. (Honours)
University of Windsor
Johns Hopkins University
University of British Columbia
Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University