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Nilza Kallos, M.D.

General Information

Nilza  Kallos, M.D.


  • Fax: 305-243-4613


  • Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology




  • American Board of Nuclear Medicine


 Dr. Kallos graduated from Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania, and had residencies in both internal medicine at Bryn Mawr Hospital, PA and Nuclear Medicine in the Radiology Department of the University of Miami.

Dr. Kallos combines her clinical and imaging expertize to diagnose, counsel and direct her patients’ healthcare needs.
She was a pioneer in all aspects of breast imaging and women’s ultrasound to include, pelvic, abdomen and thyroid procedures and diagnosis. She opened the first Multimodality Breast Center in Florida and continues to lead the community with new technology and techniques.  She was the first to offer Tomosynthesis 3D breast imaging in Miami, FL. and the first to install “C-View” software to decrease radiation exposure to half, for her patients. 
In early 2000, following studies on HRT that confused many women, she became a certified Menopausal Practitioner to better orient and counsel patients on the benefits and risks of hormonal therapy.  She also became an expert on bone densitometry, an integral part of menopausal health.
She feels that guiding her patients’ to strong physical and emotional health is her mission in life.

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