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Financial Assistance

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UHealth – the University of Miami Health System’s policy is to provide emergent care and medically necessary care on a non-profit basis to patients without regard to race, creed, or ability to pay.

Financial Assistance policies and applications are available below. These policies will help you understand more about financial policies and when finanacial assistance will be given.

The University of Miami Health System provides financial assistance for medically necessary care to patients who are in the U.S. legally with family income levels up to four times the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. Financial assistance applies to both hospital and physician services in Florida.

We also offer payment plan arrangements to assist you in meeting your financial obligations.

Please go to MyUhealthBill.com or contact the Customer Service Department at (305) 243-2900 to obtain more information regarding the financial assistance program or payment plan arrangements at UHealth.

Financial assistance policies for:

Doctors that are part of the University of Miami Medical Group (UMMG) comply with the health system’s financial assistance policy (FAP). A listing of UMMG/UHealth Physicians can be found at http://uhealthsystem.com/doctors.

Private Practice physicians and other contracted physicians do not comply with the health system’s FAP. A list of physicians who provide services at the University of Miami Health System who are not part of the Medical Group, and therefore do not comply with the system’s FAP can be found here. This listing is updated quarterly.


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