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PowerPoint Templates

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The following PowerPoint templates have been created in accordance with the University’s branding guidelines for use by UHealth/Miller faculty, staff, and students. To create a PowerPoint presentation, click on the design you prefer and save the template to your computer or disc. Customize your PowerPoint presentation according to your needs.

Recommended fonts for usage in your presentation are as follows:

  • Cover title – Helvetica, 30 points (all caps)
  • Cover subtitle – Helvetica, 30 points
  • Cover, secondary line – Helvetica, 18 points
  • Section title – Helvetica Bold, 14 points
  • Page header – Helvetica, 30 points
  • Page sub-header – Helvetica Bold, 20 points
  • Body copy – Helvetica, 20 points
  • Bulleted lists – Helvetica, 16 points

Please note: The Green Block and Orange Block styles require a significant amount of printer ink, and print quality may be compromised.

UHealth branded Presentations

The following UHealth/Miller co-branded templates – which reflect our health system’s commitment to excellence in all areas including patient care, research, and education – are preferred for all presentations.


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